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Creative Encounters

Creative Encounters is a transpersonal therapeutic approach that focuses on the individual's capacity to restore physical, emotional, and mental balance through a creative shift in one's perceptions and innermost beliefs.

This approach is effective for a range of personal and interpersonal issues, such as trauma, grief, couples-relationships, fears, and depression. It is also helpful for children who experience developmental, social, and emotional challenges.

Click on Creative Arts Therapy to read more about Creative Encounters and their theoretical origin.

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Dorit Netzer, Ph.D. ATR-BC, LCAT is a NY state licensed creative arts therapist and educator, who works with youth and adults in a private practice setting in Huntington, Long Island. She utilizes dialog, art and sandplay therapies, mental imagery, dream work, and body awareness techniques.

In a supportive, art studio environment, individuals learn creative tools of Self transformation, build awareness of relationships with others, and find a joyful, lighthearted way to create changes that bring happiness and inner freedom.


I wish to extend my gratitude to the numerous teachers and mentors, who have helped me shape my vision as a therapist, educator, and researcher. Special thanks to Joan Bloomgarden, Ph.D., ATR-BC, LCAT, Gerald Epstein, M.D., Nancy Rowe, Ph.D., William Braud, Ph.D., and Rosemarie Anderson, Ph.D.